Customer Reviews

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  • DS

    “Always good service with a smile!

  • EM

    “Excellent communication and service!

  • GH

    “Wish they would tell me how to save on insurance without me having to ask

  • BS

    “Very easily and quickly changed my car information for a trade-in. Within five minutes I had the new card for the new car. I have never had a bad experience with this office. Always friendly and knowledgeable both on the phone and in person.”

  • LT

    “Jon was extremely easy to work with and made the process of switching my policy over to a new vehicle very easy.”

  • HC

    “Groninger’s Insurance Agency is amazing to work with. They saved me a large sum of money on my insurance, and they are very quick to respond to questions.”

  • SH

    “Great service! They were recommended to us by a family member and I’m glad we went. They saved us over $1,200 a year and helped us understand the requirements for vehicle insurance in PA. Since we just moved here from out of state we had no idea about the differences in coverage. We look forward to many years of service!”

  • JB

    “I received an unsolicited offer from AAA for insurance. I called, was given a great rate, I thought, paid the premium for a year in advance, and thought I was set for a while at least. I then received a cancellation notice from AAA because their “on-site” people noticed a ladder against my home which was in the process of receiving new siding. Multiple calls were made, and the AAA agents said they could fix things once I jumped through a number of hoops. I didn’t care to jump. Jim Groninger is a neighbor. I had met him only once, but I contacted him, got great service, an even BETTER rate, and am happily insured-house and car, with a company that has a higher rating than AAA’s ever did. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend Groninger’s without a moment’s hesitation. Truly first class. ”

  • CB

    “They are the best. They helped me a great deal. Now, I will go back for some other Insurance. I know that they will give me the best care and deal I trust them more than any other Insurance company. Thank you so much”

  • AK

    “I have been a customer for 25 years and I have never had an issue. They are fast, professional and take care of all my needs ASAP! I have never had better service in my life.”

  • DB

    “My family and I have been with Groninger Insurance for 30+ years. The service has been awesome and the staff is very friendly. I would recommend Groninger Insurance to my friends and family members. My sister and her husband recently changed their insurance needs to Groninger Insurance and are very pleased with the service.

  • Jamie Shivery

    “We had state farm and switched after 20 years. Paula not only saved us $60 A month but got us better coverage. She was so helpful and treated us like family. Thank you so much for the great service and attn to our needs.”

  • MC
  • RS
  • RB