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6/13/2011 10:55:00 AM

So your into knobby tires, crawling through mud ruts and winching yourself out of rather sticky situations for some weekend excitement. Sure everything is all under control; after all you’ve spent thousands of dollars out of your own pocket to secure the off-road vehicle of your dreams; one with the ability to climb mountains and forge bodies of water with great fortitude—one that cannot be matched by any other vehicle on the road today. Unfortunately, you will also be seeing, and possibly experiencing some of this while you’re at it. So now you realize that perhaps your desire to become the lord of the lands will uncover some imperfections in your driving ability, and your vehicle’s ability to stay in one piece as a result of that. Surely, your self-proclaimed career in off-roading may be over, because with the economy the way it is today, you simply can’t afford to replace your oil pan anymore.

Interestingly enough, there is somebody out there who understands how essential it is to protect your vehicle, even if you are being slightly wreckless in the forests of Rausch Creek. Begin your search for Pennsylvania insurance with Groninger Agency, and you might be surprised at just how far you can go once you leave the roadway. At Groninger, we understand the thrills that come from off roading, and we certainly understand the spills that are almost certainly included in the package.

While you’re gearing up, preparing your vehicle and are ready to hit the trails, we’d like to offer you some of our own safety tips and precautions you should be aware of while off roading. Because having off road insurance isn’t just a policy, it is a tool that should be utilized along side of all your other safety standards taken before you leave the tarmac.

  • Don’t go alone: This is crucial, because although you may have the constant temptation to cruise through the wilderness, odds are if something goes wrong and you aren’t obeying the buddy system, you won’t be driving out any time soon!
  • Protect yourself first: Many off roaders are concerned with protecting the underbody of their vehicles which is most prone to breaks, bumps and bruises due to the terrain in question. However, with Pennsylvania Off-Road insurance from Groninger, that should no longer be the most of your worries. Take care of your body; we will take care of the truck. Fit your vehicle with a roll cage, and a 5 point harness to replace your standard seat belt. Roll-overs are common when off roaders hit the rocks, and without the proper safety utilities, who’s beast of an off roader will we have to cover then?

The right preparation is crucial, but that prep doesn’t stop with just your vehicle. 

So if you are the kind of person who knows no bounds, and will strive to keep pushing deeper into the greenery of Pennsylvania, fear no more. Do not be discouraged by the dangers and risks of off roading in your truck, motorbike or all terrain vehicles. Groninger is prepared to winch you out of the worst situations you may find yourself in while exploiting the “right to roam”, keeping your 4x4 and peace of mind as a driver, our first priority.

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